Living Outside the Box with Your Child 

As a young person growing up on a farm in rural Iowa, I lived in an area where many people “knew your business.” It’s a place where you could get a reputation if you stepped outside the box or if someone even suspected you had.

So I tried to fit in, even though I never really felt that I did. I tried to put on a good show so no one would know how isolated and lonely I felt. As you can imagine, this was incredibly restrictive and limiting to me, and , yes, I did get an undeserved reputation from people who had no idea who I was.

Fast forward to becoming a mom at 27 when I made a conscious choice to raise my son in a way that made sense to me. I had observed other parents relating with their children, and I had seen the limitations of the ‘usual approach.’

I wanted no part of it. I knew my son – all children – were much more than the adults around them realized. No more trying to fit in or not stand out as different.

I chose to focus on the two things that really mattered to me –

I wanted Orion to be who he was, not who society, the education system, or I wanted him to be. I wanted to support him in being his own person and living his truth. What I today call his Inner Brilliance.

I wanted to have a great relationship with him, where we were authentic, honest, and trusting with one another as people, not based on a traditional mother – son relationship.

These two priorities mattered more to me than anything, and I did my best to not let his room, schoolwork, friends, clothes, and other minor issues damage what mattered most.

If you ask Orion or I today, we will both agree these two priorities made all the difference as we continue to cherish our honest, loving relationship with one another.

Living outside The Box, parenting outside The Box requires two things:

1. The willingness and ability to think for yourself. To look around you with a questioning eye and to find your own way. Focusing on making your choices consciously and not simply going along with the crowd and fitting it.

2. The courage to trust your child and yourself. The courage to be seen as different and to stand out, most likely inspiring others to reconsider the choices they make as a parent. To be willing to fly in the face of authority and tradition, even when you’re scared and uncertain.

Now it’s your turn. What matters most to you as a parent? What are your highest priories for your child and yourself? I’m talking Big Picture things here. Not academic achievement or achievement of any kind. Not your fears or concerns. Dream big!

What do you really want to create / share / experience with your child?

Then let this be your guide. As you look at the day-to-day challenges, how can you honor your highest priorities as a person who is a parent and create a joyous, honoring relationship with your child?


An Invitation to join “Our Children’s Inner Brilliance Community’

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Play Dough ‘Ignited’ My Granddaughter!

I had the most wonderful experience with 3.5-year-old Madison yesterday that filled us both with such joy. In an email I received from The Artful Parent blog, I was reminded how much kids love play dough. Madi and I hadn’t played with it before, so I decided to make some with her.

After a pretty uneventful process of making it (she kept asking if she could taste it, remembering all the yummy things we have made previously!), we dumped all of it on a plastic tablecloth on the living room rug. Within moments, she began making a big, fat pancake with all of the dough and then folding it, every minute becoming more vibrant and animated.

Then she got the idea she’d like to cut it and ran into the kitchen to get ‘her knife,’ which cuts almost nothing but play dough. Together we made fudge and marshmallows, all of which had to be fed to her baby.

The entire time she was breathing more heavily than usual and sharing how much fun she was having. There was an intensity, a confidence, a certainty, a positive power I don’t think I’ve ever seen in her before, and she is not usually a cautious, held-back girl. She was passionately  ‘on fire’ and I was blown away.

Later when we got in the car, she told me, “Grandma, you are the most wonderful grandma I ever saw.” Said with heart-felt appreciation. The play dough was the perfect thing at the perfect time. I can hardly wait to play with her again!

Nurturing children’s Inner Brilliance is the most impactful, joyful gift we can give children, whether it looks like cutting play dough together, listening to their concerns or wants, or setting limits. When we focus on supporting our kids’ Inner Brilliance, we are on-track to bring out the very best in them.

If this is a priority for you also, I invite you to attend my FRE^E annual ‘Nurture Your Family Virtual Retreat’ where you’ll have the opportunity to explore ways you can nurture your child’s Inner Brilliance and create truly joyous relationships with him /her.

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I’m sure you’ve had a similar, magical experience with a child.  Would you please share it with us ?

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This is your last chance to join us for my class tonight “5 Essential Secrets to Raising a Self-Confident Child.” I have so much crucial information to share with you.

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Often parents don’t recognize when their child is struggling with confidence, a lack of grounded trust in herself. Yet if your child has recurrent emotional meltdowns or angry outbursts, if your child hesitates, is often uncertain, or lacks motivation, your child is in some way struggling with self-confidence.

I invite you to take a moment and consider how important your child and his confidence is to you.

Then consider what you are willing to invest of your time and finances to nurture that. It’s probably a lot.

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How Praise Damages Your Child’s Self-Confidence

Many people will tell you to praise your child, that it helps her self-esteem and develops self-confidence. Yet if you are a parent who praises your child, you’ve probably noticed that it may make her feel good in the moment but does little to build self-confidence in the long run.

You continue to see signs of your child struggling with self-confidence. Or perhaps you want to do all you can to develop his feeling of being able to trust himself so you praise him often.

You may believe praise and encouragement help your child’s self-confidence; yet, in fact, you may be unintentionally and unknowingly diminishing and limiting her confidence.

In my new video below “How Praise Damages Your Child’s Self-Confidence,” I share with you two powerful ways in which praising and encouraging your child actually limits this crucial quality.


If you’ve missed any of my previous videos about nurturing your child’s confidence, click the links below.

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If your child’s self-confidence is a priority for you, don’t miss my new teleclass “5 Essential Secrets to Raising a Self-Confident Child.”

In this class, you will learn:

~ 5 reasons why self-confidence is important

~ 3 ways introverted children express their self-confidence that is different than extroverted children

~ Why encouragement actually diminishes your child’s confidence and what to do instead

~ 5 effective, simple do-now actions that will nurture genuine self-confidence in your child

The teleclass (class by phone) is next week on Tuesday, March 12 at 6:30 Pacific.

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Are You Missing Out on Heart-Felt Appreciation from Your Child?

Almost every parent I talk with in depth admits they don’t feel appreciated by their child.

Parents of young children don’t expect appreciation, believing their youngster is incapable of such awareness.

Parents of teens hate the lack of appreciation they receive for all they’ve done and are continuing to do for their adolescent, yet it is considered ‘normal behavior’ in teens.

Those parents with children between toddler and teen passionately hope their child will figure it out.

When my son was young, I committed to trying something different from what I saw parents around me doing…and with profound, amazing results. Now, observing my two grandchildren ages 2 and 5, I am continually blown away by their heart-felt appreciation, politeness and kindness toward me and others.

Watch the short video below to learn the most important part of developing appreciation in your child.