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We live in a culture where it is hard for parents to admit just how frustrating, worrisome, and painful parenting can be. Every parent raves about how great parenting is with occasional references to those frustrating ‘normal’ difficulties.

It can be so hard and scary to admit to yourself the really difficult and painful parts of parenting, the times of self-doubt and worry, to acknowledge to yourself how stressful and overwhelming parenting is at times.

Your kids can be the joy of your life. Absolutely! Yet sometimes they push you to your limits. You’re wound up with frustration and yell at your child way more than you want.

You’d love a little help from someone you trust with your most precious child. Someone with whom you can explore those painful feelings and experiences and who can show you the path to get you on track.

You don’t have to parent alone.

It hurts my heart when I see families live with so much less harmony, ease, and trusting connection than what is possible. Parenting doesn’t have to be the hardest job in the world!

You’ve read lots of books and tried lots of strategies and techniques to get your child on track, but nothing seems to work in the long run. You’d be happy to make some changes in what you’re doing if you just knew what would get you the results you want.

Traditional Approaches Simply Don’t Work

Traditional approaches to parenting focus on managing your child’s behavior, assuming that with the right techniques, rewards and consequences, your child will begin to meet your expectations. Yet, if you’re like so many parents who’ve tried these approaches over and over, your child continues to act in ways that drive you nuts.

The truth is these traditional approaches seldom work, especially in the long term. In fact, you may be unknowingly limiting your child’s potential and creating emotional distance between you and your child. These are a painfully high price to pay, and something I know you don’t want.

The Good News…Focusing on Emotional Wholeness is way Easier than Trying to Control Your Child’s Behavior

Emotional Wholeness is that inner place of being in integrity with yourself. Listening to and following your inner wisdom, truth, and passion. Emotional Wholeness nurtures trusting yourself and being comfortable in your skin / being yourself.

Here’s what you can expect when you focus on your child’s Emotional Wholeness:

  • Your problems and concerns dramatically improve or disappear entirely. Even the so-called ‘normal’ difficulties of parenting. Yes, really!
  • You and your child become more light-hearted and enjoy each other lots without those big upsets.
  • When difficult times occur, you work through them together without leaving residual harm in your relationship with one another.
  • You feel a tangible trust and connection with your child, a respectful partnership, a working together.
  • You experience less conflict and fighting, and your child becomes more cooperative, easier to talk with, and self-motivated and self-reliant in ways you’ve seldom seen before.
  • You feel more relaxed and confident with your parenting.
  • You love, trust and enjoy who your child is right now. Times with your child are moments of pure grace.

Connie, you are so easy to talk to, full of empathy and warmth. Your program propelled me from a frustrated angry “parent” to a real parent in a matter of weeks. I no longer blame others for what faults lie in my lap. I am happy because I can let go of what I thought was the right way to parent. I am growing up – finally!

I am now free to enjoy my beautiful daughter. To encourage & support her inner beauty to shine, so that we all win. You have gifted me with riches beyond measure. I encourage any parent, or person who feels frustrated when dealing with the emotional turmoil in relationships, to invest in one of Connie’s programs!–Jen Duchene, Jen Duchene

Hi! I’m Connie Allen, aka the Joyous Family Coach.

20130525_170250I’ve been coaching parents over 30 years and teaching and empowering young people longer than that. I love kids and am passionate about them being fully themselves, living their potential, and loving their relationship with you, their parent. As far as I am concerned, there is nothing more important.

I specialize in helping moms and dads be blown away by their child’s amazingness and by the joy they feel being a parent without all the conflict, stress and worry. I teach you both the ingredients to connect with your child in a mutually nurturing way and the skills to communicate with your child honestly and authentically.

This is what gets results. I’ve learned this both in my cherished relationship with my 37-year-old son Orion, my two wonderful grandchildren Madison and Sebastian ages 2 and 5, the young people of all ages I’ve taught, and the stories my clients share with me.

PeterBefore I worked with Connie, I struggled to understand my seven-year-old son’s emotional needs. I talked with friends who have children, but I often found their style of parenting incompatible with my view. And what worked within their family was not always transferable to my son.

I learned how to relate with Jasper more as a person and not as some romantic or contrived notion of what a father should be. I discovered how much closer Jasper and I could be when I was more myself with him.

I also now know how to approach challenges as a team with my wife. We have more consistency in what we do and a better sense of how to work together as parents.

The best thing I got is a closer relationship with my son. I realize now how much he likes to just hang out with me, his dad. I learned how to be the person my child wants to have as his father. – Peter Lipscomb, Santa Fe, NM

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