Parents . . .

  • Does your child have emotional meltdowns you don’t know how to handle?
  • Do you and your child spend more time arguing than laughing together?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of being a good parent and managing the challenges of day-to-day living?
  • Would you like your child to gladly do what you ask the first time you say it?

For the last 30 years, I’ve been working with parents who want to have better relationships with their children-of any age. In fact, these parents want the relationship they longed to have with their own parents, but couldn’t have.

I observe parents’ difficulties in relating with their children, not understanding why a child reacts the way he does. Many parents jokingly say, “I wish my child came with a manual.” Drawing upon my experience as a mother, classroom teacher, and psychologist, I have found children do come with a manual. We just have to know how to read it. That’s why I started Joy with Children over fifteen years ago.

What I realized is adults don’t see children as human beings. I know you might think that’s kind of radical, but we often put children in a different kind of box as human beings. We talk to them differently. We act differently toward them. We place expectations on them we would never place on an adult and then feel baffled when they don’t respond the way we anticipate.

The Challenges of Parenting

This results in anger, frustration, and feeling powerless as a parent. We want to raise well-adjusted children who are successful and happy, but we aren’t certain how to do all of that and still have time for ourselves. We struggle over issues like biting, bedtime, chores, and homework and then fall into bed exhausted at the end of the day, only to get up and do it all again the following day.

We’ve all seen these kinds of young people. You try to get them to do something, and you have to tell them twenty-seven times. Finally you get angry and yell, and the child complies. After parents develop the skills I teach, they tell their child once and he eagerly does it. Often he does it without even being told.

We’ve also seen children who act abusively toward other children and adults. I find these children become more loving and kind after their parents participate in my program. One mother of a five-year-old son who had been expelled from four preschools had this to say after participating in my program,

“I now feel my son is a fun person to be around-even for all day! I’ve seen my son become a happier person at home and in his relating with children and adults. He has more self-confidence and less aggression.” Sharon, Rohnert Park, CA


After coaching with me, parents report seeing for the first time how amazingly wonderful their child is. They see how to handle old challenging situations like cleaning up, tantrums, homework, and lying in new ways that work effortlessly and joyfully for themselves and their child. The anger and frustration goes out of being a parent and is replaced with delight and a powerful, loving connection with their child they never knew possible.

I developed my program to help adults get beyond the usual pitfalls of relating with children and to follow their own natural insights and awareness. Parents develop their natural ability to relate with children so their child wants to cooperate, wants to succeed, wants to tell her parent the truth. Parents discover their natural ability to set clear and realistic limits with their child and to create agreements that work for them and their child.

Problems in relationships between parents and children can last a lifetime, long after children are grown and are living on their own. This work improves your relationship with your child-no matter how young or old they or you are. Old wounds and misunderstandings are healed, and strong, loving, honest are formed. It is never too late to have a close connection with your child.

Have a more joyous relationship with your child!

If you want to make this a possibility for yourself, of having a relationship with your child that is joyful, expressive, fun, growth-oriented, and literally avoid virtually all the kinds of problems that you’ve ever heard about from your friends or have had with children, this is what’s possible with this kind of work. All I ask is you come with a curious and open mind, ready to explore new possibilities.

I know it seems exaggerated and hard to believe that you can have this kind of relationship, but parents who participate in my programs, including those who feel they already have a good relationship with their child, enthusiastically state, “I had no idea how wonderful my relationship with my child could be!”

I invite you to have this for yourself.

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