Myth-Busting Bullying: These Strategies Don’t Work

Just a quick note to let you know I’ve posted  new videos in my series “Myth-Busting Bullying.” I hope you have had chance to watch the first three in the series. If not, I’ve listed the links to those videos at the end of this email.

The Good News about bullying is that many parents, educators and community leaders care deeply about the high price of bullying to a child’s self-esteem and are taking action to try to stop this problem that keeps growing.

The Bad News is that many of their efforts are based on faulty understanding about children, bullying, it’s causes and what to do about it. Well-intentioned experts are doing the best they can, yet much of their attention is on the ‘bully” and the “bystanders,’ and their strategies are often based on false assumptions about how to prevent bullying.

In today’s two videos, I share 3 common strategies to stop bullying between children, yet each one has limited effectiveness.


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If you haven’t had a chance to watch the first two videos in the series, here are the links:

Myth-Busting Bullying: How Big a Problem Is It Really?

Myth-Busting Bullying: What’s It Really All About?

Myth-Busting Bullying:The Bully is Not the Bad Guy


Here is the first video:  Myth-Busting Bullying: These Strategies Don’t Work

Here is the 2nd video: Myth-Busting Bullying: Make More Rules and Policies?

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