Connect with your child’s heart

Our lives are so filled with activity – things to do, accomplish, people to connect with, things we want our children to hear and do – that we easily forget to listen. We don’t feel we have time to listen. To slow down enough to be fully present with our kids.

In workshops I have taught about listening, most people discover two life-changing insights:

  1. They are not very good listeners. They want to talk and have someone listen to them.
  2. Having someone deeply listen and be present when they talk feels wonderful and oddly disquieting because it happens so seldom. They struggle to know what to say.

Do either of thees feel familiar to you?

When we don’t feel listened to, even when we’re surrounded by others, we feel isolated and alone. This happens for many people, including your child.

Your child’s words and feelings are important to him. Even more important, is having us be present and listen.


I invite you to join me tomorrow, Saturday 21, for “Our Children’s Inner Brilliance Community Call”, to learn do-able, specific tools, insights and actions to help you become a better listener with your child…and with everyone else in your life who is important to you.

Remember, if you can’t make it live, sign-up anyway, and you’ll receive the recording of the call soon after.

If you’re not already a member of  our Community, sign-up for the class here.

If you want to find out more about “Our Children’s Inner Brilliance Community” and to join, go here.

I look forward to connecting with you tomorrow.

Celebrating Inner Brilliance!

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