Interactive, Experiential Training to Help You Nurture the Joyous, Inner Spirit of Children

1. Joyous Parenting Program

This is the only parenting training that empowers you to discover, develop and express your natural Inner Brilliance to create a relationship with your child based on mutual recognition, appreciation and trust. It is also unique in that it is individualized and personal to your situation and to who you both are.

This hands-on, small group training is a transformative adventure of discovery in which you develop the skills, understanding, and personal growth to empower your child to joyously express her innate potential.

The Joyous Parenting Program is divided into two parts. The first section is the 4-week Joyous Parenting Foundation Class, in which you learn the basics of developing mutually trusting and empowering relationship with your child.

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The second section is the 12-week Joyous Parenting Training, which guides you to use the principles and skills you developed in the Foundation Class in a deeper way. Here is where you clarify your role as a parent and develop your ability to be the parent your unique child needs and wants you to be.

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2. Upcoming Public Talks You Can Attend

These are live public talks and workshops that you may attend. Many are in the San Francisco Bay Area. Go here to find out what is currently scheduled.

Call or email me to find out how you can schedule a powerful, life-changing program for your school or community program.

3. Individual Coaching for Parents

I observe parents’ difficulties in relating with their children, not understanding why their child reacts the way he does. In fact, most parents struggle with repetitive behavior challenges with their child, trying everything they can think of to get their child to behave.

Drawing upon my experience as a mother, classroom teacher, and coach, I have found that the lack of emotional well-being is at the heart of most parents’ struggles. When your child feels happy, loved, trusted, and deeply respected by you, behaviorial challenges and struggles dramatically diminish or more frequently disappear entirely.

After coaching with me, parents report seeing for the first time how amazingly wonderful their child is. They see how to handle old challenging situations in new ways that work effortlessly and joyfully for themselves and their child. The anger and frustration goes out of being a parent and is replaced with delight and a powerful, loving connection with their child.

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